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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Less EMFs in Your Home

Anywhere you find electricity, you find Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs). We can run, but we sure can't hide from EMFs. They surround us where ever we are--at our homes, schools, places of employment and even on the streets in our cities and towns.

In recent years, a number of studies have been conducted around this topic, indicting there is a need to be concerned about the health effects when we are constantly being bombarded by a daily bath of EMFs. The best course of action is to stay informed, take reasonable steps to limit your exposure, and continue to do your own homework on the subject so you can make knowledgeble decsions.


Commonly found around water towers, above-ground power lines, transformers, computers, low-voltage lighting, a home or building's electrical mast and panel and faulty or outdated wiring

Commonly found emanating from clock radios, laptops and lamps. Anything that is plugged in with a cord can have high electric field readings.

DECT cordless phones and baby monitors, cellphone towers, Wi-Fi networks

This is electromagnetic radiation riding in your interior home wiring

Comes in from outside via the water pipe and ground wires

When preparing to clean up EMFs, target the most frequented rooms in the house such as the bedrooms, home office and family room, and begin to how to reduce their exposure.

Tips to Help Avoid Excess Exposure to EMFs:

Install Graham/Stetzer Filter
In your home to reduce the harmful, dirty electricity being radiated by your home's electrical wiring.

Replace all the Dimmer Switches
In your house with regular switches. Dimmer switches create dirty electricity that can contaminate an entire home's electrical wiring with dangerous high-frequency energy.

Avoid Installing
Low-voltage halogen, fluorescent tubes and energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting and other energy-efficient devices or appliances that have variable speed drives in them like some furnaces, fans, heaters, front-loading washing machines and so on. Treadmills are also polluters.

When Replacing your Computer Monitor or TV
Buy a new LCD model. They emit much less EMFs radiation.

Clean Up the Electrical Power Cords
And transformers around your computer and desk and reroute them away from your feet and seating area.

Don't have Power Bars
Or power cords near your feet.

Don't Install
A Wi-Fi Wireless Network.

Don't Buy a Cordless Phone
That uses DECT technology because they constantly transmit a strong radiation and electromagnetic fields signal, even when just sitting in the cradle.

Use Cell Phones Sparingly
Limit the time and use a land line whenever possible

Never Use a Laptop on Your Lap
Unplug your laptop from the electrical outlet and operate on the battery when in use or use it with a keyboard.

Get Rid Of
Your clock radio in the bedroom and switch to a battery-operated model.

Don't Buy a Home
Near a cellular phone tower or close to high-voltage power lines.

Have Your Home Surveyed for EMFs
To reduce your EMF exposure at home, consider having an EMF home inspection and consultation.


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