Geopathic stress is a natural phonemenon which affects certain places and can be damaging to our health. It relates to irregularities in the earth's magnetic field, which can be aggravated by a variety of features. So come on in, put your feet up awhile, and learn about this interesting topic....what it is, what it does, what the signs and symptoms are, and how you can deal with it if you are being affected.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

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searching said...

Dear Scott and Susan,I was trying to access your tutorials and it kept coming up "does not exist".Could you please enlighten me as to what is happening?Sincerely,Roger Nevins a.k.a. searching

Susan said...

Roger try this link

I am able to get to it from the index

mncro1 said...

Dear Scott and Susan,

As I was trying to access tutorial no2 - I only could get the access to create a NEW blog.
Since I DO NOT intend to do this (e.g- the famous ZxxxxxxxxG scandal...) PLEASE BE SO KIND and give me a hint re this no2 - "Defining.... "
I could copy-paste ALL other chapters but this no2...NOPE

Best regards and GRREAT THANKS for the FINE INFO !

Bucharest, Romania

jorge.alfaro49 said...

Hi! I would like to learn more about how to nulify geopatic stress, using dowsing. Where can I find information to learn dowsing and ways to avoid geopatic stress.

I am extremely concerned on the invasion of electric polution all around us, specially on our bedrooms, not letting us receive a good night sleep. Thanks.


Susan & Scott Anderson said...

I don't know what area you live in, but you might start by looking for a local dowser who can teach you basic dowsing skills. Once you have that down then look for a workshop or class that deals with earth energies, geopathic stress or geobiology to learn more about the subject and how to counteract its effects. There are a number of good books out there, check our resource library for more information.
Also visit our website www.seedsforchangewellness.com for additional info as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott and Susan Several years ago I become aware of geopathic stress.

I was inspecting a farm and immediately on entering the house i ran out, the agent followed me and asked what was wrong. I said the house is killing the owners.

A few months later I went to an alternate doctor, I mentioned to him about what I felt in the house.

His comment was that he was aware of the house ant that it was built over a geopathic stress signal.

He also told me he was a budhist, and that they were aware of the geopathic stess signals.

Also my partner become friends with the owner of the property who was aware that the house was built over a geopathic stress signal and that he had researched and he realised that you can divine for the energy.

The owner taught my partner to divine, so any property we inspect we divine for the signal.

The owner's wife did pass over from a brain tumour.

I was told by the budhist doctor that dogs, horses and most other animals will not sleep over a geopathic stress signal, but a cat will. Is this correct?

regards phyllis

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Yes what you were told is correct. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It is good that your partner is dowsing, how about you?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have recently been told that there are SILVER LEAD lines that run through the earth which radiate energy up to the earth and can affect energy levels and cause cancer. Apparently it runs through my bedroom right under my bed and have been told to something quite strange [to do with using pins soaked in mud and tobacco on a thin piece of timber]. Has anyone heard of this SILVER LEAD? It is no-where to be found on the internet. Thankyou

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

No I have not heard of it. If you find out more information, I would be interested in hearing what you find.