Geopathic stress is a natural phonemenon which affects certain places and can be damaging to our health. It relates to irregularities in the earth's magnetic field, which can be aggravated by a variety of features. So come on in, put your feet up awhile, and learn about this interesting topic....what it is, what it does, what the signs and symptoms are, and how you can deal with it if you are being affected.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Geopathic Stress Tutorial 12


Space Clearing refers to the art of cleansing spaces of energetic debris and then replacing it with balanced energy. You can really call it is energy housekeeping.

Just like we need to regularly clean our houses of dust and grime that accumulates through daily use, we also need to cleanse ourselves and environments of unwanted energetic accumulations. These accumulations will build-up daily, and over time result in layer upon layer of accrued energy that may not be balanced and harmonious.
First we remove unwanted vibrations and stagnant energy to create a void, which must itself be filled with positive energy or more heavy energy would take its place. Positive energy is mobile and expansive and attracts energy of a similar vibration (like attracts like), often in the form of helpful people and opportunities, experiences, guides and angels.

This is why revitalizing the energy in our home or business has a corresponding effect on our life or work. By changing the energy in our space we create a fresh beginning and can expect an improvement in every aspect of our lives: health, relationships, finances and spiritual well being.

Most people respond to the energy of a space on an unconscious level, but as we grow and awaken spiritually we become more sensitive to the differences in energetic vibrations. Places that once felt acceptable may now feel discordant and we no longer feel comfortable within an environment unless it is filled with positive, expansive energy.

It is crucial that we learn to clear the spaces around us of negative energy. Not only for our own well-being but to assist in raising the energy of the planet as it shifts from third dimensional reality into fifth. We can help dismantle the remnants of astral energy that have over-shadowed our planet's spiritual evolution, and enter the new era with great light.

What do we mean by "negative energy"?
Energy is neither positive nor negative, good nor bad. This polarity is an illusion of duality consciousness; all energy comes from Divine Source and all is in Divine Order when energy can flow and change.

The problems arise when energy is trapped or becomes stuck in inappropriate dimensions. Stagnant astral energy is of a low vibrational rate and is discordant with energy of a higher vibration. Light workers assist by freeing the heavy accumulated energy and returning it to Source for reprocessing.

What are Energy Imprints?
An Energy Imprint is an energy pattern that has been left behind in a building, natural site or aura after the event. Everything that happens in a building, all actions and emotions, personal and political events, public and private histories, are recorded in its walls, spaces and furnishings.

Recall a situation where you walked into a room where an argument had just taken place. We sometimes describe it by saying, "You could have cut the air with a knife". The energetic release during the argument was so intense that the energy left behind was almost physically tangible.

Every argument, trauma or illness leaves a deep energetic imprint. These imprints do not fade unless cleared by intention. Imprints can be found in possessions and clutter, particularly antiques that change ownership many times. An energetic imprint may be left over from the previous inhabitants of a building, from years, centuries or even eons ago. Many energetic imprints have their source in the astral fragments released when a person dies, and appear as "ghosts". As long as there is still old, stagnant energy in a space it cannot sparkle with fresh energy and light.

What are Emotional Residues?
Every living thing, every emotion, event, or action, carries an energy vibration that leaves an imprint in the etheric layers almost like a memory. If the energy has been the result of anger, fear, trauma or depression, the imprint will be of a low vibration and the building will feel heavy, sad, uncomfortable or unpleasant.

As feelings, thoughts and words are exchanged between people, emotional residue accrues and some people will be especially vulnerable to its effects. Individuals who have strong emotions, repressed negative feelings or are easily stressed, are like magnets in attracting this negative energy to them. Their magnetic field - already struggling - becomes even more clogged with emotional debris.

When we spend time in a place that has accumulated negative energy our own vibrational rate will be challenged and drained. Over time our moods, health, relationships and work will begin to suffer. We might move into a home where the people before went through a painful divorce and before we realise we begin to pick up this energy and start to have difficulties in our own relationship. If previous occupants had financial problems, illness or stress, these negative energies remain in the space and can in a sense be "passed on". Patterns get deeply imprinted and can cause many generations of occupants to experience similar problems.

What Do Emotional Imprints Feel Like?

Emotional Imprints are usually felt in the kinaesthetic changes in our bodies as we move from room to room through a building. Though we rarely stop to think about it, we encounter subtle changes of this type between different rooms in practically every house we enter, but only when they are dramatic and overwhelming do we comment. If a room in the house has been used for a long unhappy convalescence there may be residual feelings of melancholy or coldness in the room. Powerful emotional imprints are left behind as the result of death, suicide, cruelty, arguments, deep depression or any other intense emotional outpouring.

In some instances we might locate such an overwhelming atmosphere in a specific item of clothing, jewellery, ornament or furniture. Sometimes these "charged" items generate discomfort in a room, or indeed throughout the whole house, as a direct result of their own held memories of the past. Most certainly, we should cherish our mementos, treasuring them for the happy memories they bring, but sometimes an item can be carrying an equally strong negative unhappy vibration that needs to be cleansed first.

What is an Entity?
An Entity is a non-physical being who is parasitic to its host. Just as our physical body can have intestinal parasites so our subtle bodies (aura) and environment can be parasitised by non-physical energies and presences. An entity is actually a fragment of non-physical energy - with some consciousness of its own -which drains energy from its human host.

Ghosts are energy fragments of deceased beings that are trapped on the earth plane, usually at a particular site. This occurrence is commonly known as a haunting. Astral fragments come from the shattering of the consciousness of people during death, especially where the death was sudden or traumatic.

What does an Entity Attachment Feel Like?
Entity attachments almost always make their presence known by experiences of dramatic changes in emotions or by strange phenomena. A sudden cold breeze may appear from nowhere, or a particular room feels icy cold and damp. We have all walked into places where we felt unwelcomed and immediately wanted to leave. We might have the sense there is someone watching us. We may glimpse something out of the corner of our eye. Sometimes we avoid a room or corner in our homes because it seems to repel us. Things may go "bump" in the night. There might be unexplained odours, or we might actually feel something touch or brush against us.

If you experience entity presence, do not feed them with fear. Entities are attracted to fear because human emotional energy is their food. Most children are intuitively sensitive to spirits. A child who is afraid of the dark can attract all manner of negative entities which then increase the child's fear so they can feed on that emotion

How Does One Clear an Entity Attachment?
Just as there are a myriad of different manifestations here, there are also many different sources of entity disturbances including discarnate soul fragments, thoughtforms and elementals. Advanced clairvoyant skills can be employed to determine what entities are present in a house and the best course of action for their release.

Healers use a variety of methods based in their own experience, abilities and guidance. This work must be handled with care, integrity and genuine reverence. It is never sufficient to imitate the rituals of another healer or tradition, no matter how impressive they might seem.

I work with spirit guides and helpers, and refuse all communication that originates on the astral plane. In so doing I avoid the heavy energy and misguidance associated with astral entities. It is not necessary to converse with misplaced entities to help them. My guides, their guides, and angelic beings act as intermediaries. I offer the entity the choice of moving to the Light or returning to Source, but they cannot by Universal Law remain attached to the person or place they haunt.

One must be firm and loving with this direction. Over the years I have had experience with many entities who are stubborn and initially resist the clearing. They are fearful of leaving what is familiar no matter how dark and unpleasant their current existence. Sometimes they feel guilty for misdeeds in their lifetime and think they will go to hell in the after life. Deceased people who had strict Christian beliefs seem to need a lot of convincing that God is all-loving and all-forgiving, and that there is no punishment after death.

Many entities are merely the previous tenants who do not know they are dead and are frustrated that new people have moved into their home. There is a certain poignancy to their situation. Recently I came upon an elderly woman who knew she was dead but was waiting for people to come and take her to her own funeral - which was forty years earlier! There she was, dressed in her Sunday best, sitting on the side of her bed, waiting for someone to pick her up in a car. When her guides brought her son - also passed over - to collect her, she was very happy to see him and go with him to the Light.

Where earth-bound beings and soul fragments are involved the healer facilitates by raising awareness and the energetic vibration at the site. The entity's transition itself takes place with love and grace. Often the guides bring a relative or friend already in spirit that the entity can trust to help them make their transition. Each situation is entirely unique; we must first seek understanding from our guidance and act accordingly. Many times we may be prompted to do things that seem unusual or irrelevant in the rational sense, but bring results.

What are Residual Thoughtforms?
Residual Thoughtforms are the psychic disturbances or imprints that can be created by strong beliefs held by people who once dwelt in a place. Thoughtforms can appear as monster-like entities, legendary creatures, deities, demons or other religious terrors. While they do not actually have souls they do have a life of their own since they were created and fed by the mental energy of groups of people who once worshipped them. When these thoughtforms are no longer supported by ritual worship, they try to feed off the energy of anyone in their vicinity. We can be especially vulnerable to thoughtforms when we open psychically during meditation or prayer, as these are also sacred rituals.



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