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Friday, February 1, 2008

Expanded Residential House Clearing

Cost: $450, plus cost of materials

Description of Service:

  • Upon completion of Phone Consultation, our comprehensive Property Assesement Questionnaire is mailed out for completion.
  • On-site visit is scheduled once this is returned, for an outdoor and indoor clearing of the home.

On- Site Visit: (Up to 3 hours)

  • Pre-Consultation before beginning the work: to review questionnaire, answer questions, and describe the work we are about to do.

  • A Life Force Energy reading of the overall property is taken before the work begins.

  • Due to the nature of this work, it is important that we maintain complete focus and stay energetically clear. It is best that we first complete our assessemnt without the homeowner following along with us for this part of the process. Distractions can easily affect or influence the quality of the work performed.

  • Outdoor Assessment Begins: We complete a thorough evaluation using the ancient technique of dowsing to determine the areas of geopathic stress that are affecting the outside of your home or property. Areas identified are tagged. Best remediation technique is then determined for each tagged area.

  • Corrections are then made using a variety of techniques to deflect and diffuse the energies.

  • The homeowner can be present as the remediations are made.
  • Another Life Force Energy reading is taken for the outdoors at the completion of this phase of the work.
  • Indoor Assessment Begins: A walk through of each room is done, energy readings are taken.
  • Main focus is on rooms with below normal energy levels, as well as the bedrooms and rooms in the home that people spend most of their time.
  • Each room is further assessed, identifying energetic imbalances that may be caused by man-made, dimensional, or other influences. Once identified, the areas are remediated to remove unbalanced energies, and the space is then harmonized.
  • Once complete, Life Force Energies are then taken where needed throughout the home.
  • Additional recommendations are made based on observations within the home.
  • Travel Fee: First 30 minutes of travel free
  • 10% off coupon for Geopathic Stress Training Classs or Dowsing Workshop
  • Follow-up: A follow up phone call or email is included.

Some Possible Material Fees:

  • Travel Fee: first 30 minutes free, assessment for travel time is then $15 per half hour.
  • Home visit includes up to 3 hours, additional time: $50 per hour
  • Copper Staples: $5 per staple
  • Basic Outdoor Enveloper with ring: $75
  • Indoor Enveloper on stand with ring: $100
  • 1/2 Cubit Light Life Ring: $18
  • 1 Cubit Light Life Ring: $22
  • 3 Cubit Light Life Ring: $50
  • Small container of rock dust minerals: $2
  • Entity Rod: $35
  • Grid System: $75
  • Slim Spurling's Universe Book: $25
  • Report w/ Photos: $35

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