Geopathic stress is a natural phonemenon which affects certain places and can be damaging to our health. It relates to irregularities in the earth's magnetic field, which can be aggravated by a variety of features. So come on in, put your feet up awhile, and learn about this interesting topic....what it is, what it does, what the signs and symptoms are, and how you can deal with it if you are being affected.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Geopathic Stress Tutorial 1

Beyond "Granola" Turf Management

Earth energies could be affecting our personal and turf health

Article By Scott Anderson, Published in Turf Net, January 2007 Scott is a golf course superintendent for a private club outside of the Philadelphia area. His article was published in Turf Net, an online a golf course newsletter.

I first came across the term geopathic stress (GS) about a year ago as I was investigating the effects of special copper rings with mysterious energies. It was difficult for me to comprehend the invisible distorted earth energies that cause geopathic stress, and even harder to believe they could affect the health of humans, plants, and animals to the degree I am now convinced they do. Hopefully this brief introduction will stimulate enough interest for some of you to investigate this intriguing subject. Compare it to gravity, another unseen force but one generally accepted as real. We are aware of the effects even though we cannot see it or hold it in our hands. I urge you to suspend disbelief at first glance.

What is geopathic stress? The term geopathic comes from two Greek words, geo meaning of the Earth and pathos meaning suffering or disease. GS is a pseudoscientific theory (or to some, a paranormal belief) that the wavelengths of inner earth energies are disrupted in some places as they rise to the earth’s surface. When this natural earth energy (which normally vibrates at a very low 8 Hz) encounters weak electromagnetic fields around underground water veins, mineral deposits, radiation sources, caves or fault lines near the surface, stress lines vibrating at up to 250 Hz can be created.

Living organisms have evolved and adapted to the natural, undisturbed 8 Hz earth energies, and now flourish when bathed in them. The abnormally high wavelengths of the altered earth energies, however, create areas of geopathic stress which can be detrimental to the health and well-being of susceptible organisms.

For humans, this may manifest itself at the very least as a feeling of unease or "bad karma" when encountering an area of geopathic stress. Many debilitating diseases (including cancer, asthma, SIDS, depression, insomnia, birth defects, hyperactivity in children, depression, premature births and heart problems) have been associated with long-term exposure to geopathic stress. It is important to note that GS does not cause these illnesses, but rather impairs the ability of our immune systems to combat them. Traditional medical approaches often improve in effectiveness once the patient is removed from an area of geopathic stress.

According to Rolf Gordon, author of Are You Sleeping In A Safe Place?, "the only common factor in most serious and long term illnesses and psychological conditions" is geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress has also been indicated as a contributor to stressed interpersonal relationships, impaired plant health (including plants that flower but never bear fruit), and increased activity of molds and mildews. The presence of certain plants can actually indicate an area of GS.

Early work with geopathic stress dates back to the 1920s in Germany. Cancer rates were shown to be higher in the vicinity of water veins, which are running streams located 150 to 300 feet underground. These underground streams are one of the main factors in distorting otherwise healthy earth energies.

Ancient civilizations and Native American Indians were in tune with these energies, tending to congregate in areas without geopathic stress (now often known as sacred sites) and employing techniques such as burying crystals in line with the directional flow of the GS to divert them. Today, very simple methods of using copper clad iron, brass, stainless steel or copper wires are employed to divert or neutralize these lines from homes and businesses — and even golf courses.
Although knowledge in this field is limited, the effects are not. In addition to the illnesses previously mentioned, GS can actually crack blacktop, concrete sidewalks, foundations, and rock formations. Experts believe that these negative energies are increasing in strength due to man’s physical disturbance of the earth (mining, foundations for tall buildings), pollution, and especially "electromagnetic smog" from transformers and cell phones.

Personal Experience
My personal experience with geopathic stress began when I learned how to dowse with L-rods. Dowsing, or water-witching, is a skill that dates back thousands of years, and is usually associated with finding areas of increased energy such underground water — previously using Y-sticks but now either L-rods or pendulums. Monitoring the movements and behavior of these dowsing tools reveals the places in which geopathic stress is strongest.

Dowsing is generally considered a neuro-muscular response to one’s guidance through intuition, amplifying small but otherwise imperceptible movements of the hands.

Initially, I didn’t realize how important this relatively simple skill would become to me. Since then I’ve trained with Leroy Bull, a master dowser from Doylestown, PA who has been dowsing for over 50 years. He regularly finds wells and lost items, and locates and remediates areas of GS.

Slim Spurling's Tools to Disperse & Remediate Geopathic Stress

This past August, I attended a workshop at the Nature Lyceum (Westhampton, NY) which featured a presentation by Slim Spurling, one of the foremost experts on geopathic stress in the country and one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met. Spurling taught some very simple techniques to dowse for GS and methods of diverting these potentially destructive energies.

After training with Slim, I wondered if geopathic stress could be contributing to annual turf decline on one of the greens on our restored William Flynn course. This particular green has been a challenge for ten years, with only limited response from all kinds of agronomic approaches.

Upon dowsing the area and finding six horizontal GS lines 10-12’ wide running through the green complex, I immediately felt I was onto something. To confirm my findings, I hired Leroy Bull to come in and dowse the green. Sure enough, he found the same six lines but also what he calls a vertical energy vortex just off the green. Leroy had me stand in the center of this vortex, at which time my feet started to feel a little strange. I was convinced there was something going on there.

Typically, lines of geopathic stress are remediated by dowsing to find the center and the direction of flow, and then burying an 18" wide copper staple a few inches deep. This diverts the energy up like a rainbow, over and back down underground thus creating a protective "dome" in the target area.

Having just returned from the Spurling seminar, however, I suggested to Leroy that we instead bury in the green one of the copper/brass ring devices developed by Spurling along with another copper/brass amplifying device called the Energy Enveloper to widen the effect of the ring. Leroy dowsed the best location and the depth to bury it. Following the installation, GS lines are not detectable at this location. Six weeks later, in my opinion, the green has a new vibrancy of health.

I have also seen a correlation between GS and turf problems at other locations here at Huntingdon Valley Country Club, including increased incidence of dollar spot in the 10-12’ swath that encompasses the typical GS line.

Working with my wife, Susan, at her holistic wellness center, I have blocked GS at a dozen or so homes and businesses; all have had tell-tale signs of GS including weak landscape plants, gaps in hedges, excessive mold or mildew, and cracks in walls or driveways in line with the center of the GS lines. A few of these locations have also had a homeowner with a serious illness.

Could there be a connection? I think so, but as with all this type of "no see ‘em" stuff, I urge you to find your own truth, avoiding total skepticism until you do a little homework or research on your own.

Further information about geopathic stress visit http://www.seedsforchangewellness.com/

Editor’s Note:
Yeah, this concept may seem a little over the top at first glance. However, last year I (skeptically) attended a dowsing seminar given by Scott and Leroy Bull. There, I personally saw and felt things that I simply could not explain.

Scott has been at the 27 hole HVCC for 23 years now, during which time he has convinced his membership on the benefits of "down and brown" low input management with a strong emphasis on alternative organic products and methodologies. At the very least, he is unafraid to explore and investigate the unproven and the esoteric.

By suggesting to him the idea of writing for us, I simply hoped to open other minds to exploring alternative concepts as well. Often seemingly complex problems have simple solutions right under our noses.

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