Geopathic stress is a natural phonemenon which affects certain places and can be damaging to our health. It relates to irregularities in the earth's magnetic field, which can be aggravated by a variety of features. So come on in, put your feet up awhile, and learn about this interesting topic....what it is, what it does, what the signs and symptoms are, and how you can deal with it if you are being affected.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Geopathic Stress Tutorial 7


  • Consists of naturally occurring charged lines, running North-South and East-West

  • Named after Dr. Ernst Hartmann, who first described it soon after the second world war

  • Alternate lines are usually positively and negatively charged

  • Where lines intersect it is possible to have double ++ charges, double - - charges, or + - charge

  • The intersections are seen as a source of potential problems

  • Appears as a structure of radiations rising vertically from the ground like invisible, radioactive walls, each 21 centimetres (9 inches) wide

  • The grid is magnetically orientated

  • North to South lines appear at intervals of 2 meters (6 feet 6 inches)

  • East to West lines appear at intervals of 2.5 meters (8 feet)

  • Between these geometric lines lies a neutral zone, an unperturbed micro-climate

  • This network penetrates everywhere: over open ground or through dwellings

  • Have been defined using the Chinese terms of Yin and Yang

  • The Yin (North-South lines) is a cold energy which acts slowly, corresponds to winter, is related to cramps, humidity and all forms of rheumatism

  • The Yang (East-West lines) is a hot, dry rapidly acting energy. It is related to fire and is linked to inflammations

  • The points formed by the intersection of these lines, whether positive or negative, are dynamic environments sensitive to the rhythms of the hours and the seasons

  • Sleeping over these knots can cause nervous disturbances, headaches, cramps and rheumatic illnesses

  • Where intersections coincide with black streams the effect is greatly increased Lines intensity increases at night when there are less free ions

  • During an earthquake the Hartmann network becomes twisted and distorted, but is restored to symmetry half an hour later

Note: It has been suggested that both the Curry grids and Hartmann Net are earthing grids for cosmic rays that constantly bombard the Earth, and that they can be distorted by other things, such as geological fault lines and underground mining. It is also possible to have spots where the Curry and Hartmann lines cross, causing further potential problems. These spots are generally seen to be more detrimental than a single crossing within the Curry or Hartmann system

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Anonymous said...

I was looking for evidence of this gird which i have frequent in my meditations. It is now clear to me that this grid is are part of the purpose of human exsistence. Our heart valve are the superconductors. As we attach to the grid which is translucent green facing outward astride harmful energies from the cosmos passing through the heart causing conduction. The energies are converted to a form of rain that falls on the earth. LOVE lets call it'. this can only be achieved in meditational out of body experiences. My attention during this state is always drawn to a not so far off galaxy,with colours of pink, purples and a harray of tiny stars. what is particularly strange to the left of the galaxy there is an extra bright and large star, that shines like a beacon. And i cant seem to visit it. It always draws my attention to the grid and the task at hand. Also i get the overwhelming feeling that there should be more of us on the Grid but the others are not making. Its a lonely feeling but purpose it recognised. Hope we all get there meditators!!!!!! we have a job to do.