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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tools & Techniques: Space Clearing

You can learn simple techniques to clear your own space in workshops or directly from your guides. There are also a number of good books on the subject such as Denise Linn's "Sacred Space".

Space clearing can be a profound and highly effective ceremony when performed by an experienced practitioner, which is recommended where longstanding imprints and entities are involved.

If I am performing a Clearing & Blessing, I use a combination of tools and techniques depending upon the situation I find. Before hand I will talk with the client to find out what is needed to be done and will conduct an assesment with them. An individualized ceremony is created specificially for them. The duration of the actual clearing and blessing ceremony will take a minimum of one hour, but generally last longer. Much of this is dependent on the depth and needs of that particular environment and the homeowner.
Some of the most important steps are:

Grounding & Connection
To start the ceremony, I ground and center myself, then connect with my guides, angels or devas. I may do any number of things to begin a ceremony to anchor a high vibrational connection to the space. I generally begin the ceremony outside, working around the permeter of the property, then move indoors.

Energy Sensing
I walk through the home to sense the various energetic imprints on walls, corners, objects, rooms. The information gathered also provides insight into the emotional well-being of the people who now live there and how they could improve their environment for greater harmony. This might mean moving some furniture or placing objects in different locations.

As I walk through the home I will often be clapping my hands to loosen the energetic imprint. Clapping frees up stuck energy and starts the flow.

Sacred Smoke and Clearing Sprays
I burn sacred sage and fan the smoke through the house, especially in corners, cupboards, under tables, and in places where heavy energy has collected. Sage is a powerful purifier. I may also use a clearing spray made from essential oils, crystal and flower essences to dissipate stagnant energy.

Clearing Entity Attachments
I follow directions from my guides and angels to release earth-bound entities, and thought

Sacred Sounds
I may also include the use of my Tibetan singing bowl, drum or use my voice to tone. The sound reverberates throughout the space. Particles of stagnant energy, astral fragments or perverse energy cannot withstand these vibrations. All are shattered and the frequency of the energy is increased to a higher vibration similar to that of a ceremonial temple.

Energising Spray
After the clearing I may use another energizing spray to fill the space with revitalising energy. The formula formula would vary depending on the situation.

Sealing with Angelic Light and Sacred Symbols
The energy in the home is now bright and sparkling and can to be reinforced by working with angels to seal the space with colour, light and sacred symbols. If a blessing is being done I work with my client to formulate their intentions, wishes and dreams and this is included in the last part of the ceremony, ensuring the imprint of the home is now one of harmony and love.


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