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Monday, May 12, 2008

Electro Pollution

"High magnetic fields interfere with the cell membrane and make it highly penetrable. This way, people get toxic acidic shocks. The protective barrier is out of balance, is confused, which leads to diseases like cancer, arthritis and depression".

The confused cell is explained in Reinhard Kanuka-Fuchs book "Healthy Home – Healthy Office" as follows: "What are the changes that take place in this process? Hormones play a key role in regulating most of the functions of our cells, tissues and organs, ie. cell growth, differentiation, reproduction and immune response.

They may carry nerve impulses from the brain across the cell membrane as neuron transmitters, or bind with receptors on the cell membrane. Melatonin, which regulates our biological clock and influences our mood, will inhibit tumour growth and fight cancer. Calcium ions are released by receptors and stored as primary messengers of our cells in the cell membrane.

They also stimulate production of enzymes, which regulate the tumour killing of lymphocyte cells. Individual cells are found to communicate electromagnetically with hormones as chemical messengers, providing a sort of postal system and with nerve cells as a "hard wired" network providing the telegraphic system. Coherent oscillations along a chain of cells resonating at the same frequency can act in a "line-of-sight" communication network, providing a type of "bucket chain-brigade". Polarisation and depolarisation may proceed as a travelling wave along the cells. These electrical potentials provide a homeostatic regulatory system together with direction determining functions of ferromagnetic materials in cells".

Magnetic fields are present nearly everywhere in every modern house, since our power lines and appliances deliver not only the necessary electricity to run your washing machine, stereo, TV and so on, but pollute at the same time your home environment with magnetic fields and frequencies. You can shield electro-pollution to a certain degree but you will have a problem with magnetic fields and frequencies. This fact creates a big problem, since magnetic fields can confuse the cells by changing their chemistry.

Magnetic Fields Can Change the pH of Blood

R. Barefoot and Carl Reich, M.D. wrote in the book "The Calcium Factor – The scientific Secret of Health and Youth" the following: "Exposure to uncontrolled magnetic fields can have the opposite effect on the bio-electric body". Using a "North Pole" magnet, he demonstrates that calcium bicarbonate breaks, under the influence of a negative magnetic field, into calcium hydroxide and carbon dioxide. Water can change under the influence of a North Pole magnet from 7.5 to 9.2 and blood from 7.2 (which is too acid for blood) to 7.5 (which is too alkaline for blood).

How Can You Protect Yourself from Electro-Pollution?

The following is extracted from the book "Pollution Solutions"
Inform yourself, read, research and observe, measure with a Gauss meter.

Take action, participate in training seminars, and help yourself, your family
and others.

Educate others and tell friends, children, employer, doctors etc.

Keep 1 metre distance from electro-pollutants.

Reduce the time of exposure, make breaks so your system can realign.

Reduce the level of field strength, if possible with shields etc.

Consider possible synergetic (interactive) effects with chemicals etc.

Increase your health condition, immune system and discharge your body often.

Regain response ability. Empower yourself. Don't rely on authorities.

Support "Prudent avoidance" schemes locally, nationally and internationally.

Remove as many electrical devices from the bedroom as possible.

Unplug and discharge appliances if necessary.

Stay away from conductive materials such as metals.

Avoid metal spring mattresses, bed frames, electric blankets, waterbeds.

Avoid synthetic surfaces, furnishing, bedding and clothing.

Install a circuit breaker, demand switch if necessary.

Keep healthy plants and cacti in your bedroom.

Apply vibrational medicine for healing instead of chemical treatment only.

Obtain an inspection and report for your bedroom from a building biologist.


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