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Friday, May 16, 2008

Geopathic Stress and Animals

Here is an interesting article I came across that discussed the effects of Geopathic Stress on Animals. For those of you who have a sick pet or animal, you may find this especially interesting....

"I first came across mention of it in an article in the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, in which the author suggested that, when there were many members of a family (animal and human) that had chronic or frequent health problems that did not respond very well to treatment, it would be worth while looking at geopathic stress as a cause. .

We had major health problems with our hounds and our sheep, so called in a dowser to check out the farm and buildings. He found that our sheep house was built over three lines of geopathic stress, so that the whole building was affected. The area we kept the rams in had several lines running through it, and all but one of our fields was affected by several lines. We housed our sheep overwinter and had had major problems each year with just about every health problem known to sheep, and animals dying suddenly. One of the rooms in the kennel block had a line running right through the bed, and every hound that had lived in that room had died of cancer of some kind. The house itself was clear of lines but the whelping room had two running through it.

The dowser felt there was nothing to be done about the lines except move animals away, but I looked more into the matter and discovered that there were ways of neutralising the energies, which is what we did and had immediate improvement in the sheep's health, with no more sudden deaths. I started dowsing and finding lines of geopathic stress for myself.

A friend in America wrote to say that her young dog had developed bone cancer, which all her hounds had died of. This seemed to me almost certainly a case of geopathic stress, so I did some dowsing and then rang and told her that her kennels and all but one room of her house were affected by geopathic stress. She called in dowsers who confirmed my findings; the kennels were both built over crossed lines, which gives rise to the strongest effects, and the house was affected by a grid with only one room clear apart from the area close to one wall.

I dowsed in one house where there were three Great Danes. They had a line of bedding along the wall of the staircase and their person told me that the three would battle over which part they were to sleep on (they were not allowed to sleep elsewhere but had to go on that bedding) and the one lowest in the pack heirarchy always ended up sleeping at one end, which was where I found a line of g.s. He had had chronic health problems all his life and had now (aged five) developed cancer.

It used to be that before a house was built, a flock of sheep would be driven on to the planned site. If they settled down happily, then the house would be built but if they would not settle but kept trying to get away, then another site would be found. Animals are very sensitive to areas affected by geopathic stress and will mostly try to get away from it, although cats are a bit inclined to seek out lines of geopathic stress. Ant hills are often to be found on lines outdoors. One person's dog would only sleep curled into a ball in an area just in front of the television in the sitting room and that turned out to be the only part of the house, except for the porch, that was not affected by a grid of geopathic stress.

There are a number of devices that can be used to deal with the effects of geopathic stress. These are usually plugged in to the electric circuit (although they don't actually run on electricity) and will deal with the whole building but not the outdoors. There are small devices that can be carried around in order to protect the person from geopathic stress found when away from home, such as in shops or hotels. It is often the case that a person who has been exposed to geopathic stress for a long period or at a high rate becomes very sensitive to it for a time wherever they find it, once their own home has been protected, and some people even get withdrawal symptoms from no longer being affected.

In some homes there may be just a single line of geopathic stress that was running through a person's bed or favourite chair and it is usually considered enough to move the bed or chair away from the line. Where there are several lines, particularly if lines cross, it is probably best to use some sort of a device, although some people will use crystals instead.

So how would you know if you are affected by geopathic stress? If you and/or your family and/or animals have health problems that developed following a move to your present home, especially if these problems do not respond to treatment, or only respond to a certain degree, or as soon as one thing clears up another develops. If you or they feel better when away from home. If the "feeling" about your home causes uneasiness in some members of your family or in some visitors, or if your animals try to avoid certain areas in the home. If the previous occupants suffered serious illness. These are all pointers to the possibility of geopathic stress being present

How we dealt with the lines of geopathic stress that affected our farm buildings and kennel block was by tracing where the lines entered our property and deflecting them by means of a piece of angle iron driven into the ground where each line came into our farm land. However, this would not be a reasonable method to use in blocks or estates of houses, because it would be sending the lines into other peoples' property."



bobdowser said...

Actually, driving angle iron into the ground to dissipate an energy pathway is a pretty crude procedure. For many years I've used thin, soft steel L-rods buried along the pathways that precisely direct the energy flows to avoid both the client's home and their neighbors. They can be buried outdoors or taped to interior walls and are both safe and very effective. Bob Dahse, www.GeoPathfinder.com.

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Thanks Bob for your feedback on this article.