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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How to Choose A Home

Here is an interesting and informative article by Christan Hummel from Earth Transitions that summaries some of the important aspects one should consider if they are looking for a new home.

Most people know intuitively what parameters would enhance or diminish the quality of their life when looking for a house. However, many important factors are overlooked in favour of less geobiologically significant elements.

After our dermas and clothing, the house is our third skin and a very important factor in keeping healthy. We should remember that when choosing a house or a site we are defining our future quality of life. Geobiology proposes coherent and structured ways to establish the important criteria bearing on this choice. It suggests the following rules of thumb.

Harmony between nature and the inhabitants, flowery gardens, trees absorbing dust and producing oxygen.

Compact and hard ground, stony or sandy.

Atmosphere rich in negative ions, near parks, forest or ocean.

Orientation towards North and West for the living area.

Area with little or no noise, away from high power lines and transformers.

Locate the perturbated zones or have them located.

Construction materials of high natural quality such as wood, stone, bricks and tiles.

Dimensions respecting the human scale, good relation between height, width and length.

Insulation with cork, coco fibre or mineral wool.

Non toxic paint, take notice of the influence of colours (chromotherapy).

Electricity; avoid the transformation of the bedroom into a research laboratory with TV, radio and other electric appliances. The ideal solution would be to be able to switch off the bedroom areas for the night to avoid long exposure to electromagnetic fields (the effects of these fields can be enhanced by metal beds).

Floor coverings made out of natural materials such as terra cotta tiles, cork, wood, woollen carpets or plant fibres.

It is not recommended to have a bedroom situated over a garage. The metallic mass of cars is a strong agent of disturbance of the natural magnetic field.

It is best to sleep with the head of the bed pointing North as to be aligned with the geomagnetic field.

The Ancients translated in their stone temples the great laws of the universe. They all based themselves on the same principles using the cosmo - tellurian forces. Their dynamic complementarily generated a third vital element for Man, the evolution of all things. We must now rediscover these laws hidden in each of us and communicate them to our constructions, from the most modest to the most sumptuous. Such a realization is possible on three levels:

The technical level, product of reason using the laws of mechanics, physics, chemistry and astrophysics to determine the choice of the materials and the site. The harmonic level, the human soul rejoicing in the vital movements of cosmic cycles.

The symbolic level, the knowledge enabling the elaboration of the "Axis Mundi" and Man's spiritual matrix. This level constitutes the intimate ties giving the other two levels their real grandeur.

When these three levels are balanced the building becomes an architectural medicine, a physical, psychological and spiritual harmony.

SOURCE: Earth Transitions



Anonymous said...

Sleeping with head pointing to north is considered the worst thing in indian feng shei. South is treated as best while east is ok and west is so so.

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as Indian Feng Shei. FENG SHUI is Chinese and Tibetan and in chinese FENG SHUI, the directions are personal and the best direction of someone may not be the best direction of someone else. Feng Shui is a chinese word meaning wind and water. VASTU is Indian.