Geopathic stress is a natural phonemenon which affects certain places and can be damaging to our health. It relates to irregularities in the earth's magnetic field, which can be aggravated by a variety of features. So come on in, put your feet up awhile, and learn about this interesting topic....what it is, what it does, what the signs and symptoms are, and how you can deal with it if you are being affected.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Discover Your Dowsing Potential

Some Responses from Class
On March 1 & 2, 2008 Scott Anderson along with LeRoy Bull presented the workshop Discover Your Dowsing Potential at the Acu-Health Center in Moorewtown, NJ. The class was a hands-on workshop introducing dowsing, earth energies and Slim Spurlings Light Life Tools.

Here Are Some of the Things People Had to Say:

Scott, you're a wonderful teacher and a very special person. You bring energy, integrity, and humility to the work and your presentation was effortless. I alos appreciated the presence of Leroy and his teachings as well, as well as Paula's great energy protection tips. Thanks again- Mar

Excellent personal commonication with practional applications! -RM

The class exceeeded my expectations and opened me up to different types of earth energies that I now can begin to identify and remediate. -ME

Very enlightening- just want to learn more! -MBG

I areally was amazed during our field work how a novice (that's me) could dowse and discover Geopathic Stress, what fun! Great introduction, great instrutors. Thnaks, I look forward to our field trip. - Ruth S

The next class Scott will be teaching will be with Katharina Spurling in Longmont,Colorado on April 25- April 27, 2008. Check for more information and details

Some pictures from class:

Notice the blurry picture this occurs when geopathic stress is present

Dowsing the Property

And here is the rest of it

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