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Monday, March 3, 2008

EMFs Radiation

In addition to living in a sea of carcinogens and inheriting oncogens, we have made matters worse by the indiscriminate use of gadgets offered to us by the boom in technology, thus making ourselves vulnerable to the increasing incidence of cancer and other diseases. Various Electromagnetic Frequencies pervading our environment are found to cause disease and promote latent diseases and cancer.

Dr. Abraham Liboff of Oakland University found that 'mitosis', a continuous process of cell division and reproduction, was speeded up when cells were exposed to a magnetic field. Several researchers have raised the possibility that low level exposures to EMFs may be altering the genetic process and causing abnormal cell growth and disturbance in Melatonin Metabolism.

EMFs, coupled with other environmental agents, produce adverse effects on atoms and cells in metabolism and biological systems. With the help of modern equipment we can identify the various radiations existing in the environment, their source, intensity and direction. It is worthwhile harmonizing the man-made environment, abiding by the law of nature in accordance with the human system response, finding a natural rhythm for the system and achieving resistance to various hazards.

The Indian Vastu Shastra have probed the subtle effects of the natural and man-made environment on the subtle and complex human energy system. It is therefore a bridge between the man made environment and the human energy system.

Here is the ranking of the worst hazards by Louis Slesin, editor, Microwave News, from the information collected by him about extremely low frequency fields and the dangers they may pose.

Strung along high towers, these lines carry large amounts of electricity over great distances. Homes, schools and playgrounds should not be built anywhere near them.

The kind that carry current down local streets, they generate fields less powerful than those from transmission lines. But distribution wires are much closer to most homes.

They lie on top of the body for hours at a time. It's a good idea to warm the bed and then unplug the blanket before going to sleep or, better still, get a duvet instead.

People spend whole weekdays close to computer screens. They should stay 75 cm. (30 in) from the front and 90 cm. (3 ft.) from the sides and the back. The same rules apply for TV's.

Electric clocks and fans run continuously. They should be kept at least 75 cm (30 in) from the head.

Shavers, hair dryers, can-openers and microwave ovens, all generate powerful fields, and people should be careful to use them for only short periods of time.

So we see that EMFs may cause some serious health hazards like disturbance of normal sleep leading to faster ageing, cofactors in promoting cancer, low melatonin levels children's brains, leading to death, etc.

In pursuit of material comfort in spite of the knowledge of the harmful effects of EMFs, usage of gazettes goes on increasing. Nevertheless one has to use them cautiously and judiciously because we are not only harming ourselves but also the coming generations by promoting an atmosphere with high ambient Electromagnetic Frequencies and changes which will prevail in our genome in due course of time.

Mankind should never forget the age-old proverb - "Prevention is better than Cure".

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