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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Great Crystal Resource

There are times when one is doing clearing work of Geopathic Stress that it would be beneficial to have an assortment of crystals available for possible inclusion in the remediation process. Here is an on-line resource I use for purchasing some of my crystals. I do not have any affiliation with this source but find them to be outstanding.

Name: Orgone Crystals

I came across Orgone Crystals when looking for some double terminated quartz crystals for a project I was working on. This site seemed to good to be true, having what I needed at very reasonable prices. I put my order in, then waited and waited and waited. "Uh Oh! I should have listened to my intuition when I thought--too good to be true." What was the problem here? Well, to make a long story extremely short, they had moved locations and in the process had lost my order.

I spoke with the owner Dennis Griffin on the phone. He was a very upbeat, pleasant sounding man, who I thought I could imagine sitting across from me at the kitchen table, having a cup of coffee, talking energy work. Dennis explained that he had recently moved and apologised for the delayed shipment. He took my information again and said he would throw in a few extras.

When the package arrived, I was so glad things happened as they did. I felt like a kid in a candy store, not knowing which crystals to work with first. I can remember my husband and I needed to go out and I didn't want to leave my box, so I took it along with me, examining each crystal, intrigued and surprised by the many wonderful gifts I held in my hands. To this day I still am in awe by the quality of crystals that arrived.

I ordered the Sampler Box which is a goldmine value. Since then, I have ordered this particular item several times, always thrilled about what arrives. I have also ordered other items, but this one is still my absolute favorite. Whether doing clearing work, or just simply working with crystals in whatever fashion appeals to you, this is an great opportunity to explore.

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