Geopathic stress is a natural phonemenon which affects certain places and can be damaging to our health. It relates to irregularities in the earth's magnetic field, which can be aggravated by a variety of features. So come on in, put your feet up awhile, and learn about this interesting topic....what it is, what it does, what the signs and symptoms are, and how you can deal with it if you are being affected.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Electromagnetism and Life

Here is an important resource written by Robert O Becker and Andrew Marino. This book, Electromagnetism and Life can be viewed on line by following the proivided link. I am listing the contents below. If you are interested, be sure to go check out this fabulous source of information.

Publication Information
Preface (pp. ix-x)
Introduction (pp. xi-xiii)

Historical Developments
1. The Origins of Electrobiology (pp. 3-22)

The Role of Electromagnetic Energy in the Regulation of Life Processes

2. The Physiological Function of Intrinsic Electromagnetic Energy (pp. 26-59)
Introduction (pp. 25-26)
The Nervous System (pp. 26-40)
Growth Control (pp. 40-51)
Bone (pp. 51-55)
Summary (pp. 55-56)
References (pp. 56-59)

3. Control of Living Organisms by Natural and Simulated Environmental Electromagnetic Energy (pp. 60-76)
Introduction (pp. 60-61)
Evolution of Life (pp. 62-66)
Biological Cycles (pp. 66-70)
Positional and Navigational Aids (pp. 70-74)
References (pp. 75-76)

Laboratory Studies of the Adaptability of Organisms to Electromagnetic Energy

4. Electrical Properties of Biological Tissue (pp. 79-95)
Introduction (p. 79)
Energy Bands (pp. 79-81)
Piezoelectricity (pp. 81-84)
Superconductivity (pp. 84-86)
Techniques of Application of Electromagnetic Fields (pp. 86-91)
Summary (pp. 91-92)
References (pp. 92-95)

5. Effects of Electromagnetic Energy on the Nervous System (pp. 96-111)
Introduction (p. 96)
Direct Effects (pp. 97-102)
Behavioral Effects (pp. 102-105)
Summary (pp. 105-107)
References (pp. 107-111)

6. Effects of Electromagnetic Energy on the Endocrine System (pp. 112-121)
Introduction (pp. 112-115)
The Adrenal Cortex (pp. 115-117)
The Thyroid (p. 117)
The Adrenal Medulla and the Pancreatic Islets (pp. 117-119)
Summary (pp. 119-120)
References (pp. 120-121)

7. Effects of Electromagnetic Energy on the Cardiovascular and Hematological Systems (pp. 122-133)
Introduction (p. 122)
The Cardiovascular System (p. 123-124)
Blood (pp. 124-127)
Immune Response (pp. 127-130)
Summary (pp. 130-131)
References (pp. 131-133)

8. Effects of Electromagnetic Energy on Biological Functions (pp. 134-158)
Introduction (p. 134)
Intermediary Metabolism (pp. 134-141)
Reproduction, Growth and Healing(pp. 141-148)
Mutagenesis (pp. 148-150)
Uncontrolled Variables (pp. 150-153)
Summary (pp. 153-155)
References (pp. 155-158)

9. Mechanisms of Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Energy (pp. 159-171)
Introduction (pp. 159-160)
Cybernetic Approach (pp. 160-162)
Analytic Approach (pp. 162-167)
Summary (pp. 167-170)
References (p. 171)

Applied Electromagnetic Energy: Risks and Benefits

10. Health Risks Due to Artificial Electromagnetic Energy in the Environment (pp. 175-195)
Introduction (pp. 175-177)
Levels in the Environment (pp. 177-183)
Epidemiological Studies and Surveys (pp. 183-188)
Analysis (pp. 188-190)
Summary (p. 191)
References (pp. 191-195)

11. Special Topics Concerning Electromagnetic Energy
Therapeutic Applications (pp. 196-197)
Acupuncture (pp. 197-200)
Impacts on Natural Ecological Systems (pp. 200-201)
References (pp. 201-203)

Summary (pp. 205-206)
Index (pp. 207-211)

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